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Race courses for XTERRA Switzerland's 2018 edition

Distances for each category

XTERRA - Light: 500m/13,5km/5km

XTERRA - Relay Light: 500m/13,5km/5km

XTERRA - Relay: 1500m/26km/10km

XTERRA Switzerland - Classic: 1500m/26km/10km

Race course description

Please take note that the courses can be modified, depending on the weather conditions that can make some parts of the race impracticable

XTERRA Light (500/13,5/5)


NEW COURSE FOR 2018! More infos coming very soon!


XTERRA Classic (1,5/26/10)


1 loop of 1500 m in the Lake Brenet, forming a triangle (no Australian exits).


NEW COURSE FOR 2018! More infos coming very soon!


2 loops of 5 km, starting from the transition area, using the discovery trail (about 2 km on solid ground) and then forest trails and fields with around 100 m gradient. Refueling is provided close to the transition area.

Provisioning :

Refueling by water bootle will be available on the Classic race at the end of the 1st loop of the mountain bike.
There will also be a "classic" (glasses) refueling every lap of the running.

Attention, for reasons of protection of fauna and flora, it is forbidden to use the mountain bike loop before Thursday, June 21 under penalty of disqualification.

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